General Dentistry

General dentistry encompasses all aspects of basic oral health. Your dentist in Jefferson Park will be your primary care dental provider, helping you to diagnose and treat general oral health concerns. It is best to visit your primary care dentist in Jefferson Park bi-annually to maintain proper oral health.

Initial Examination

During an initial examination, your dentist will assess your general oral health and determine any areas of your mouth that need further care. This preliminary examination will help your dental professional to better understand your unique smile and determine the proper treatment plan moving forward.

Basic Routine Cleanings

To keep your smile in good shape, you should visit your primary care dentist in Jefferson Park every six months. Routine cleanings consist of an oral examination, plaque and tartar removal, professional brushing and polishing, and flouride treatment.

Alongside daily brushing and flossing, regular routine cleanings will keep your smile healthier for longer periods of time. Basic routine cleanings also allow your general dentist to address any concerns and determine if more invasive treatments are required.

Treating Overall Oral Health

Dr. Kryzak’s general dentistry services offer a variety of basic treatments to our patients. If your primary care dentist has expressed a concern for your oral health, our trained general dentist can help.

  • Fillings

If your dentist has determined that you have a cavity, you will most likely need a filling. Filings are made of various different materials, your general dentist will select the proper type for you. Fillings help to protect the damaged tooth from further damage and infection.

  • Crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges are usually utilized when a tooth is damaged or cracked beyond repair from a simple filling. Crowns are caps that are placed over a damaged tooth and blend in with your natural smile. Bridges, are utilized if a series of teeth in a row are damaged. A bridge is an oral prosthetic that is used to replace multiple damaged or cracked teeth.

  • Root canals

A root canal is an invasive procedure that your general dentist in Jefferson Park will recommend if damage to the tooth extends to the root. A root canal consists of drilling into the tooth and removing damaged or infected nerves and pulp. The roots are then cleaned and sealed. This procedure is used to inhibit any possible spread of infection.

  • Veneers

Veneers are oral prosthetics that are placed over a broken or damaged tooth. Veneers can correct a variety of dental issues, from cracked teeth to damaged enamel. Your general dentist can decide if veneers are the proper treatment for you.

If you are looking to find a general dentist, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Kryzak and her team today.