You may be missing teeth for a multitude of reasons; trauma, decay, periodontal disease, the lack of an established dental care routine, or simply old age. For those who aren’t able to eat, talk, chew, smile or enjoy life as they normally would due to missing teeth, opting for dentures in Jefferson Park is both an aesthetic and functional solution to restore your smile.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic devices that are an easy way to replace missing teeth. They give you the freedom to wear them whenever you choose, always allowing you the option to take them out if need be. Keep in mind that dentures will initially feel like a foreign object in your mouth, so they will take some getting used to.

How Dentures Work

Dentures consist of a flesh-colored acrylic material that is designed to fit over your gums. The base of your dentures in Jefferson Park covers the roof of your mouth while the lower dentures are shaped like a horseshoe to help accommodate your tongue. There are three main types of dentures, all addressing different types of tooth loss.

Different Types of Dentures

There are three main types of dentures that are used in the dental world.

  • Conventional Full Dentures: This is the standard type of dentures that are designed to replace a mouth with no natural teeth remaining. Keep in mind that these dentures may only be placed once your natural teeth are completely gone and tissues have healed. This healing process may take several months to complete.

  • Immediate Full Dentures: This type of denture is placed as soon as your remaining natural teeth have been removed. This solution ensures that you never have to have a smile without your teeth. With this type of denture, you’ll have to check back with our team several months after the initial appointment in order to have them relined; this is because the supporting bone reshapes as it heals, which can cause the dentures to become loose and uncomfortable.

  • Partial Dentures: Partial dentures consist of only a handful of teeth that sit on a metal framework that is attached to your remaining natural teeth. Partial dentures may be utilized in conjunction with crowns in order to establish anchors to which the dentures will attach. Many patients who are candidates for dental bridges may opt for partial dentures instead because they are removable.

The Lifespan of Dentures

Standard wear-and-tear can result in the need to reline or remake your dentures. Your mouth also naturally changes with age, so you may notice that your dentures don’t fit like they once did. If this is the case for you, our team is happy to make you new dentures in Jefferson Park.

For more information about dentures and whether or not they are right for you, contact our team at Kryzak DDS today.