Dental Emergency

We know dental emergencies happen, which is why our experienced staff is here to help. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, don’t panic, call our offices to set up an appointment or schedule one right on our website. Our services in emergency and cosmetic dentistry in Jefferson Park can help you avoid further damage.

When Is It An Emergency?

A dental emergency can mean a variety of different things. Whether you are experiencing excessive bleeding from a bit tongue or knocked out a tooth, our emergency dentists can help you solve the problem early-on.

You may be asking yourself what constitutes a dental emergency versus what situations can wait until regular business hours. If a tooth is knocked out or fractured, it is crucial to call your dentist immediately. A knocked out or fractured adult tooth can cause the tooth root to decay beyond repair if it is not treated in a timely matter. Our cosmetic dentistry in Jefferson Park can help you correct your broken or damaged teeth as soon as possible.

What Should I Do?

If you believe that you or your child is having a dental emergency, call our dental office as soon as possible at (773) 685-6560. Our dental professionals can help assess your situation and schedule you an appointment with our skilled staff. If you are deciding if it is a dental emergency or not, don’t hesitate to call. It is better to know if you need an emergency dental visit to prevent unnecessary damage and costly dental restoration.

How Can I Manage My Pain Until My Visit?

To control any pain you are feeling, it is best to place an ice pack on the outside of the cheek over the affected area. The cold press will help to decrease swelling and pain in the area. If you are experiencing gum or tooth pain, there are over the counter numbing products that may help.

Be sure to keep the affected area clean before your visit to avoid any infection. If you have experienced a puncture wound or a rip or tear within the mouth, clean the area immediately with hot water. If bleeding is severe and needs immediate medical attention go to your local emergency room for treatment.

For emergency dental care, call Dr. Bozena Kryzak at (773) 685-6560 to schedule your appointment immediately. Dr. Kryzak’s cosmetic dentistry in Jefferson Park can help you.